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Alder Fireplace Mantle — Hand Textured

Crooked Knife Texturing

Hand texturing with a crooked knife, takes me to my zen place! Using locally milled alder, we designed and built a fireplace mantle. See a series of photos of the process, from start to finish.

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Carving on the Edge Festival 2017

Carving on the Edge Festival 2017, in Tofino, BC

A special year 2017, setting aside some space and encouragement for women carvers. It is after all, a male dominated field. We usually hang out away from the limelight, doing what we like to do, make chips.

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Carving on the Edge Festival 2016

Carving on the Edge Festival 2016, In Tofino, BC, Canada

Carving on the Edge Festival 2016, a month ago already. It was a blast again. Meeting with friends and fellow carvers. Showing our creations in the gallery. Doing demonstrations for the people coming to the festival. Attending or giving workshops and presentations. Ten days of immersion in the art of carving. Come next year!

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How many Raven masks?

, ©2014 Champagne

Raven Masks

Since I first started carving, I seem to have shaped quite a few raven masks. I’ve put together a collection of the photos.

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La grosse ventouse mask

La grosse ventouse, mask by Francine Champagne

Ventouse Mask Story

It just sound better in French, rather than the Big Suction Cup Woman. Sounds like “Vaw-tooz”. I’ve carved two of theses creatures. They still haunt me.

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Showing 2 masks at the Hatch Gallery

My Serene Moon Mask was renamed Lai Tsi, a Chinese Eck Master

Eck Master Moon and Serene Moon, a.k.a. Lai Tsi Mask

Participating in the Eckankar Regional Seminar this weekend at UBC, University of British Columbia. I will be showing two masks, Eck Master Moon and Serene Moon. Read more…

Many carved plaques in progress

The spiraling wave is being carved to cap a king post above a huge beam. The original design I wanted to use was the line of snoozing dogs. But the post is far up and not really well lit. So in fact it’s a waste to place something so detailed all the way up there. I simplified a repeating pattern instead, something similar to the screen printed waves on a farmhouse floor I did years back.


Check out the nice Brodie Blade!