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Combs Available For Sale:


An explosion of creativity has made its way into quite a few carved combs. The 2022 Carving on the Edge Festival workshop was sold out. I’m selling those combs already carved (photos below). I’m also willing to carve some copies of those already gone to new homes, although they are never quite identical, as I always get carried away!

I’ve been carving since 2000, alder, red cedar, yellow cedar, mahogany, jelutong and basswood. The combs below vary in dimension, anywhere from 2.5 inches to 4.0 inches wide, and 6 to 7 inches tall. If they are indicated as sold, no worries, I can carve you another one, all are unique, so will never be identical. They all develop their own character as I carve them. Send me a message if you are interested in purchasing one of my creations, by either email in the About page, or direct message through Facebook (mostly carving) or Instagram (mostly tessellation drawings).

Click on any image to run through a slideshow, or scroll down.

11 Embedded Agate in Spalted Alder

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