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Tricks, techniques and tall tales, Hummingbird Masks


Close to a dozen masks carved since Qwaya and I first crossed paths at the Carving on the Edge Festival. We have carved many hours together, teaching each other some new tricks, techniques and tall tales. The first project? I crashed his work area at VIU, Vancouver Island University, he was carving a 34 foot totem pole. I innocently thought I could help.

I did my best to assist Qwaya on that first day at VIU, under the big tents close to the Friendship center, Shq’apthut – A Gathering Place. He took a chance and put me to work, testing my skills on that huge chunk of western red cedar. A few hundred hours later, we were done. Onto other carvings. At the 2016 Carving on the Edge Festival, in Tofino, we carved a pair of Hummingbird Masks. Qwaya taught me the techniques to carve this mask. Thank you again. I haven’t stopped since. The style has changed, evolved into my own, exploring new ideas every time I carve a hummingbird mask.

It’s kind of hard not to fall in love with them when they invade your life, every time you go outside. Buzzing around, flowers and feeders, swooping, perched, letting you know if the feeder is empty. And simply hovering close to you, thanking you for all that you do for them. Beautiful vibes.


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    Do you also have a Champagne Design Facebook page because you wouldn’t sell yourself short with you Powerpoint expertise. or confuse people about Champagne Design?


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