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Skookum Carving Knives


West Coast Carving Tools

It’s been a while since I bought a carving tool. But a pressing project has sent me shopping. Oh my, what a dilemma! Hehehe. I looked around the web for a D-Adze, it is a tool mostly used for planing and texturing large surfaces. At 250$ US, Kestrel’s D-Adze was out of the question.

A Look ‘n See run to Port Alberni’s pawn shop presented me with an astounding array of knives and adzes – but nothing in my size or style. There are some weird and wonderful carving tools in that store, quite entertaining to handle a few of these mostly home-made knives.

A carving buddy, Qwaya, suggested a tool-making friend by the name of Wes Skookum, up in Port Hardy. A very sharp blade and the handle I am still working on reshaping to my own hand. And an excellent crooked knife (planer blade).

Do contact Wesley Walkus for any of your West Coast Style carving tools.

I’ve added a handle to the crooked knife blade. Don’t yet know if that blue metal whipping will withstand a testing session. Cool colour though.

And at the other end, I’ve inlayed a copper medallion that Qwaya made me a few years ago, when we were carving the pole at VIU.

A protective leather sheath. 

Other sources for local carving tools can be found on another blog post: West Coast – Carving Tool Sources


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