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Masks at the Mary Winspear Gallery


Three masks shown at the Mary Winspear Gallery last weekend

The Eckankar Regional Seminar was held on Vancouver Island last weekend, at the Mary Winspear Gallery, a first for Victoria. Congratulations to the team of volunteers putting together such a momentous event. I was privileged to show three of my carved masks: The Bandit, my Continuum Mask, and my Anna’s Hummingbird Family.

Continuum Mask

The Continuum Mask will be spending a few months at the Eckankar Centre in Victoria.

Continuum Mask at the Mary Winspear Gallery, by Francine Champagne

Anna’s Hummingbird Masks

As for the Hummingbirds, I can’t resist carving another series, and another, and another. I must be feeding them too much nectar. They are invading my garden and workshop.

Anna’s Hummingbird Family, carved by Francine Champagne

The Bandit, a raccoon mask

And the last mask is The Bandit, a baby raccoon mask. Such a cutie.

The Bandit, a raccoon mask by Francine Champagne

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