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Carving on the Edge Festival 2017


Carving on the Edge Festival 2017, in Tofino, BC

A special year 2017, setting aside some space and encouragement for women carvers. It is after all, a male dominated field. We usually hang out away from the limelight, doing what we like to do, make chips.

A great dozen of women carvers, more present than usual, and more open to chatting and sharing stories and techniques. And of course, raising eyebrows at each other’s custom tools.

Here are my photos of the four day event, September 7 – 10, 2017. Bit late — but hey.

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I’ve never been afraid of entering male dominated fields. In my twenties, I worked the construction sites, installing hand railings in the new housing developments around town. Made friends, good dough and learned some important skills in woodworking and… a love of wood. As well, I’ve become an accomplished tessellation artist, 30 years next month. This too, the creation of tessellations, is a male dominated field. Who knows what my next field of study will be! Might be auto mechanics… they wanted to charge me 370$ to change a light bulb and the tailgate latch on my truck — atrocious. Gonna Did do it myself with the help of youtube.

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