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How many Raven masks?

, ©2014 Champagne

Raven Masks

Since I first started carving, I seem to have shaped quite a few raven masks. I’ve put together a collection of the photos.

Gorbie's Raven

Gorbie’s Raven, another patron of the arts. Lost track of Djerr. (SOLD)

Raven Steals the Moon

Raven Steals the Moon, Jane’s Moon mask, this one is either in Victoria or still in Calgary. Dunno. (SOLD)

Eric's RavenMan mask

Eric’s RavenMan mask. (SOLD)

Josette's Raven Man

Josette’s Raven Man, for a special birthday Girl a few years ago. (SOLD)

Spalted Alder Raven mask

Spalted Alder Raven mask, I simply love the textures in this wood. (available for purchase)

White Raven of Qualicum Beach, yellow cedar

White Raven of Qualicum Beach. A leftover chunk of yellow cedar, from a mantle piece, it was destined for the dumpster. It was a joint rescue project. (available for purchase)

Bad Ass Raven mask

Bad Ass Raven mask. My first biggie, 52 inches. Burnished beak and punky hairdoo. (available for purchase)

Burnished Raven Man mask

Burnished Raven Man mask, just a few steps away from Ellen Neel’s Dzonukwa, wonderful play with the growth rings in this cedar. (SOLD)

Raven Boy mask

Raven Boy mask, same as Dad, above, burn and burnish work. Hiding in Metchosin with Dad and Sis! (SOLD)

Raven Girl mask

Raven Girl mask, all three in this family were sold at the 2016 Carving on the Edge Festival, in Tofino BC, a few weeks ago. (SOLD)

Retzer's Raven

Retzer’s Raven, the first one, appreciated the patrons of these arts. Friends. Still. (SOLD)


A carousel of photos of the last three Ravens, still available for purchase. (2020-08-11)

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  1. fritzomarm3 permalink

    Burnished effect reminds me of a pin stripe suit.

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