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La grosse ventouse mask

La grosse ventouse, mask by Francine Champagne

Ventouse Mask Story

It just sound better in French, rather than the Big Suction Cup Woman. Sounds like “Vaw-tooz”. I’ve carved two of theses creatures. They still haunt me.

Version two of my ventouse mask, La grosse ventouse

Version two of my ventouse mask, La grosse ventouse

The story goes like this.
I met her on the beach a few years ago. We had common interests and started chatting. I’m a good listener. So I listened. A group formed around us and listened too. Then something extraordinary happened. She reached out with her big lips, and latched onto my ear. It was painful and never ending. I tried walking away, but she would not let go. I was stuck in this position for five straight days. A victim of a flood of words; black ink dribbling from her chin.
After the five days, she released me. What a relief. Something I would not want to live through again. I learned later, of course, that if I had walked north, for a few hundred kilometers, she would have released her grip, as she does not like a cold climate.

La Ventouse Mask, ©2014 Champagne

La Ventouse Mask, ©2014 Champagne, this was the original mask, scary enough



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  1. fritzomarm3 permalink

    Does she suck in elderly people too? Shuuuuddddeeerrr

  2. Age makes no difference.

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