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“Tide Mask”


Above article is where this “Tide Mask” all began. A light bulb moment. And of course, being an artsy-type, I tend to convert revelations into physical space. This, while I’m actively listening to Led Zeppelin’s Dazed and Confused – “Push, push, push…”. Invade, encroach, move up the beach, bring bobble gifts from deep within the sea, squeeze, drown… retreat  and repeat. I’m seeing topographic lines of gradual invasion and retreat, like sand lines left by waves on the sandy beach. The tide will not stop, it is in its nature. If exposed to it, you either drown, or intelligently walk up the the high tide mark. Then you can breathe and appreciate. Learning to say “no” in a calm and composed manner, I’ve been recently told by another reliable source, can take quite a few decades.

From an uncertain start.

yellow cedar and spalted alder blanks

A yellow cedar chunk…

And this is what it has become.

She’s really very nice in person.

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