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West Coast – Carving Tool Sources

Some tools are available locally or at Lee Valley tools, gouges, chisels, straight blades (Frost).
First time I will buy from Kestrel, he may be retiring soon. I hear they are the best out there:
Some tools I have made with Rick, all of the adzes, a few crooked knives and straight blades.
Crooked knives and straight blades made by Herb Rice at WhippleTree Junction, Coast Salish Journey:
Preferred Edge makes great crooked knives, they just changed hands. Don’t know if they are in production mode yet.
For good chip carving knives and gouges, FlexCut is available in Comox at Island Woodcraft Supplies, (on the way to the airport)
Or you can probably buy directly from the company
Swiss Made is a good brand for gouges
Henry Taylor makes some good gouges as well
Frost straight blades available at Lee Valley
Enough drooling now, get back to work!

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